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Last April, we welcomed eight new companies to our portfolio after completing our first Tech Deployment Track.

Blue Ocean Gear is a Northern CA startup company making intelligent, connected buoys for commercial fishing fleets to track gear on the ocean.


Greensparc provides energy market optimization for data centers and computational workloads by providing real-time market energy market intelligence SaaS and IaaS solutions for enterprise clouds, cloud service providers and distributed application developers and providers.


Electric drones only fly for 15 minutes when carrying a heavy load. Parallel Flight’s patent-pending technology allows drones to fly for hours with a heavy load.


Tyr’s technology gives hydro operators the ability to see the non-liquid reservoir in the snowpack with as much clarity as they can see the liquid reservoir behind their dam.


Dash Systems is an airdrop delivery solution tailored for remote areas. They take regular cargo airplanes, fly them directly over customers, and instead of having to land at the airport and drive the cargo to its destination, the cargo launches itself, flies down and lands safely at a desired location. 


Onboard Dynamics is leading the climate-tech revolution with the introduction of its unique, patented natural gas compression technology. This mobile, scalable, affordable technology platform enables our customers to achieve economic value and environmental benefits by simplifying the compression and movement of natural gas.


Switched Source provides power-electronics solutions so that utility, commercial, and industrial system owner-operators can update and fortify electric distribution systems, to match rapid advancements in energy generation and reliability needs.


Water Pigeon generates water consumption data from existing meters instantly and provides analytics and insight for utilities and people to better manage water.




As a part of a $700,000 award to the Municipality of Anchorage Department of Solid Waste Services (SWS) to deploy the city's first electric garbage truck, eCamion will be providing a Universal Energy Hub - an EV charging station with integrated energy storage and energy management system. The addition of eCamion's unique zero make-ready solution allows for a steady EV charge that will save the Municipality money by minimizing demand rates from the electric utility. The first of its kind in the state, this pilot project will serve as a first step in electrifying MOA's fleet of garbage and recycling trucks, reducing its carbon footprint, and improving the overall sustainability of the community.


With over 60% of U.S. seafood coming from Alaska, Blue Ocean Gear is already making waves in the state's fishing industry. The company piloted their Smart Buoys with Bering Sea Crab Vessels to help improve their fleet costs and efficiency by tracking the buoy's location at all times. Blue Ocean Gear's intelligent, connected technology enabled direct retrieval of Bering Sea Crab's fishing gear while testing it in the harsh, real-world conditions of Alaska's frigid waters.


Switched Source has been awarded $8.5M to test their patented smart grid devices in Alaska and the Lower 48. The company's next generation technology actively manages real and reactive power flows on distribution systems which cost-effectively improves the grid's reliability, resiliency, and renewable generation hosting capacity. Switched Source will be validating their technology through structured demonstration projects with Alaska partner utilities to provide third party performance evaluation. These pilot projects in Alaska will demonstrate the technology's investment viability for even the most rugged of applications.



Despite the challenges of 2020, many of our portfolio companies gained traction, raised funds, and expanded their business. Read below to find out what our portfolio companies have accomplished over the last year.
In 2020 DASH Systems closed an $8M Seed round led by 8VC, formed partnerships with two Alaskan Part 135 Cargo Airlines, and acquired grant funding for product testing and development from the Office of Naval Research (ONR) in conjunction with the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF). The ONR/UAF funding will be used to test the deployment of DASH's technology at various remote military and civilian locations throughout Alaska in mid-late 2021.