What is TDT?

At Launch Alaska, we work with climate tech companies to deploy their technology in Alaska. This is why we call our program the "Tech Deployment Track" (TDT).  By compressing due diligence, relationship building, market research, customer discovery, and early looks at deal flow into three strategic sessions, we’re working to jump-start and accelerate the long process to get deals done and projects deployed. Each Fall, we welcome a new cohort of companies into our program. Over the next eight months, cohort CEOs work with a panel of industry experts, potential customers, decision makers and connectors to set ambitious goals and aggressively move toward securing and deploying projects.


In Session 1 and Session 2, cohort companies work with panelists to identify customers, market fit, and projects. They continue in the program as long as they continue to show traction towards deployment in Alaska and secure the endorsement of at least one panel member.


To receive an invite to Session 3, each cohort company must have made significant traction towards a project or have a signed project agreement. In Session 3, Launch Alaska meets with each company to determine project viability and overall fit for Launch Alaska’s Portfolio. Companies invited to join the Launch Alaska Portfolio will reconvene for Session 4, which is a chance to share progress and celebrate the culmination of TDT alongside the Launch Alaska team and panelists.

2020-21 Cohort Journey

October 2020



joined our 2020-2021 cohort

February 2021



remained after completing Sessions 1 & 2

April 2021



remained after Session 3 and officially joined our portfolio in Session 4


How does TDT work?

In 2020, we revised and enhanced our program, finding ways to make it more effective, engaging, and impactful for our cohort and panelists.

Cub at P Strip (1).jpeg


20 companies joined our Tech Deployment Track in October, 2020 with the goal of gaining project traction in Alaska before the program wrapped up in April 2021. Several companies made early progress towards that goal.


Continuing the Launch Alaska portfolio's success in Alaska's remote power market which began with Boxpower, two cohort companies are playing a critical role in what will be a string of 'firsts' in Alaska - the first solar+storage power purchase agreement (PPA), the first solar PPA in a remote community, and the first solar and first energy storage installed in an Alaska Village Electric Cooperative (AVEC) community. Partnering with Alaska Native Renewable Industries out of Huslia, Ageto will be providing the microgrid control system and Blue Planet Energy the batteries for a groundbreaking project in Shungnak designed to operate 'diesel-off'. Their technologies will be combined with onsite solar and will enable both Shungnak and Kobuk to achieve their goals for increased renewable generation in the communities.

Technology continues to revolutionize how Alaskan companies conduct business and allow small businesses to partner with larger organizations. An example of that technology is Remora, an innovative app, that streamlines the process of shipping cargo within Alaska. With a few taps of a finger tip, the coordination of air cargo shipments, between a customer and air carrier, can be done in minutes. Remora's mobile app-based platform will be accessible to air carriers, businesses, government agencies, and the general public. Remora aspires to improve the quality of life for Alaskans by maximizing economic growth by providing a tool for businesses and individuals to help them succeed.